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Congratulations to Steve BonDurant!

You are the winner! Read Firecooker.com's interview with Steve BonDurant.

Modern Marvels: Barbeque History

Modern Marvels fires up the bbq and slow roasts some answers on BBQ tech.

Grilled Rack Of Lamb

Watch Dr. BBQ Grill a beautiful rack of lamb.

Flame Disk Review

Dr. BBQ's Flame Disk Review

About FireCooker

You my man are a FireCooker
FireCooker is a free service for BBQ and grilling fans. You can use FireCooker to rate and review BBQ and upload your own recipes and videos.  You can also keep track of BBQ you’d like to try and buy as well as subscribe to what your buddies have reviewed.

The site was built by BBQ fans for BBQ fans.  Whether you’re grilling or slow-cooking in the backyard, we want FireCooker to be the place where you can learn new grill skills, talk to other backyard chefs and rate their recipes and videos.

The DNA of a FireCooker

Cooking outside over an open fire is built into our genetic makeup. Ever since man first learned how to start a fire, he threw some meat on and fed his family.  It’s a primal instinct—part of our being.

This site was built for folk just like us that that are as passionate about cooking out.  We talk about it—learn about it—argue about it—and we look forward to it every time.  We want FireCooker to be a way to talk to other barbecue fans and learn more about grilling techniques or slow-smoking BBQ styles and become the best Backyard chef you can be.