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I like to watch sports a lot, such as soccer, badminton, billiards, F1, shooting, etc. There is no basketball first, when the fan is football, a euro, catch up with the World Cup is the whole night through cook. But in recent years, great changes have taken place actually, had the most popular football can watch the World Cup, even it is difficult to attract my attention, and basketball especially NBA had taken complete possession of my line of sight. Simply said, the only way I can become warped class go home and watch the NBA live only.
Has been also think impassability why suddenly so NBA fans, including now also difficult to clear their thinking sorted out, only according to fuzzy thinking write about my love NBA several reasons.#links#
1, yao Ming took the sign
There is no denying the fact that yao Ming for I finally like the NBA play a great role. I because yao focus on basketball because it concern the rockets, because the rockets attention to NBA. That is to say, not at the beginning of the identity of the first yao Ming to join in, dare not say not like in the NBA, but at least will be postponed for many years. So for like the NBA, yao Ming is absolutely can not be ignored to the primary reason.
It’s a bit similar to ding junhui snooker for the role of development in China.
2, NBA player of the rich
The first impression to the NBA is: if you become a NBA player, even the bench, means that you have entered the ranks of the millionaire. The description of the more cow force, and the million dollar added later. Such a group of rich together play of the game can not let you put attention? At the same time can not let think they are star?
Can’t deny, we respect or attention to yourself a group of no coherent (legitimate career), often respect and attention to their social status. Of course, this respect may be envy, envy or jealousy, but no matter what kind of psychology, you can’t deny the value of their existence. Many times, I was thinking that if countries play table tennis player caused millionaire, will ping super league audience can quickly increase.
3, schedule of intensity
About the global scope all sports league intensive degree all are unable with the NBA schedule than. In addition to the regular season 82 games, and pre-season and the playoffs. From the first day began the season, but only limited days, arrange every day there’s a game, that is to say, the NBA fans can see live every day, every day can see the new action and news reports.
The coherence won’t let your attention melted away, it will only let you every day to follow these reports and news go.
4, expert review rich and various data statistics of detailed
This is the main point. NBA focused a lot of comments experts update teams match commentary and news comments, and update all kinds of power ranking (such as team list, the list of the best players in the MVP, week, month best, new power ranking, etc.).
There is the NBA’s various data statistics is probably all sports most detailed. Just a single player, averaging points, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, mistakes, playing time, and so on, over and segmentation to weeks average data, monthly average data, pre-season average data, the regular season playoff average data, the average data, rookie season average data. If you can attend all star, and the all-star game detailed statistics. And the team’s various data detailed statistics, coach detailed statistics and so on. So you have to admire the NBA in this effort.
5, and other
In addition to the above detailed statistical data, the NBA’s all-star ballot and all-star weekend is the highlight of can not be ignored. Too many wonderful lens have appeared in the all-star weekend. And with the NBA basketball baby and cheering squad is a scenery, such as the NBA that famous fatty cheerleaders.
Of course it is important, NBA level will no doubt, talent is also the emergence of surprises. Especially the last few seconds NBA wonderful but also other basketball game can’t copy, when we again in a few seconds even zero seconds see the miracle happens, you have to fall in love with NBA. 2012 James’s classic sayings - I’ve been in the growth
2012 James’s news - I’ve been in the growth
2012 James’s articles - I’ve been in the growth
2012 James’s news - I’ve been in the growth