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Flooring companies how to brand positioning

Posted: 08 October 2013 11:13 PM   [ Ignore ]
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For now , some flooring companies that will be the more massive target market , the greater the certainty of success . In actual operation, because clear target market, customers are thinking about the lack of market comparison and analysis , a direct result of the brand is difficult to form the floor and play its competitiveness.Wood Plastic Composite Manufacturer From brand awareness, reputation speaking, the floor is now national and foreign brands temporarily can not stand on the same floor brand ranks. 
Imitation is a human instinct , human reason was developed to imitate . All innovations are all built on the basis of imitation . But imitation can only say that is a way of learning , blindly imitate others while ignoring their own connotation difficult for enterprises bigger and stronger. In fact, many flooring companies in the early stage of development ,wood composit panel is completely set aside to imitate this vicious circle , but the short-term interests blinded the eyes of some flooring companies , since they feel able to achieve effective imitation ,composite exterior wall panels why they bother to break from the road , and in this case, many from the brand name flooring companies to develop technology to product performance and sales of the model are beginning to imitate someone else. It seems that only in this way can allow enterprises will be eliminated in a short time .