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Laminate flooring prices five determinants

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Whether in China or worldwide , laminate wood flooring prices on all types of wood flooring is the cheapest. But the price of laminate flooring has underlined that the cost associated with its material and workmanship .composite wood products furniture According to the China Consumers Association recommends buying laminate wood flooring , it is best to purchase 80 yuan more than the product.
Laminate wood flooring prices affect the main factors in the following areas : quality of the substrate surface wear revolution , decorative paper quality , surface treatment, specifications and service. 
One , laminate wood flooring price factors - Substrate
The substrate is the quality of the merits of the core laminate flooring , general substrate for the high-density , higher prices ; while ordinary particleboard substrate laminate flooring lower prices .composite exterior wall panels High-quality manufacturing base laminate wood flooring prices are generally higher than normal particleboard substrate dozens or even hundred dollars ;
Second, laminate wood flooring price factors - surface wear rotation
According to existing national standards, wear-resistant flooring home of one and two standard , a standard household is �� 6000 rpm , home two standards are �� 4000 rpm. Household level, laminate wood flooring price slightly higher than domestic two floors. 
Third, laminate wood flooring price factors - quality decorative paper
The use of imported decorative paper laminate floor price must be better than the use of domestic high floor decorative paper , such as the ease of laminate flooring on the use of German Te Nuoxi mining of decorative paper , its market price is relatively high.
Four , laminate flooring price factors - surface treatment process
Now laminate flooring surface treatment process more and more, such as antique ,wood plastic composite cladding prices relief, parquet flooring ...... its effects are more diverse . Use a floor price of these processes than standard laminate wood plane that price should be higher than tens of dollars .
Five , laminate wood flooring price factors - Flooring Specifications
There are many consumers wonder why the substrate , color is the same, why the price is not the same it ? Maybe this time you ignore a : flooring specifications. Specifications longer the wide floor , the difficulty of making it relatively harder , in addition, the thickness of the floor is laminate flooring directly determines the price level ,cheapest wood plastic composite the current market generally seen in more than 12 mm thick floor .