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The early symptoms of gastric hemorrhage

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Stomach bleeding or hemorrhage of upper digestive tract, the ligament of Treitz above gastrointestinal hemorrhage of digestive tract bleeding in the stomach, so early what are the symptoms? The experts for you detailed introduction of the early symptoms of gastric hemorrhage.
The early symptoms of gastric hemorrhage

1, the heating is generally not more than 38.5 degrees, sustainable 3-5 days. The causes of fever is not clear, may be related to the dysfunction of the central temperature regulation. Hemorrhage of upper digestive tract, especially the massive hemorrhage is a common clinical emergency. Most of the patients with hematemesis or melena as information, but a small number of patients with acute peripheral circulatory failure or faint onset, not show the true face of Mount Lu, so necessary to achieve early discovery, clear etiology, close observation, active treatment, lest illness of incur loss through delay.

2, hematemesis and melena which is characterized by upper gastrointestinal bleeding, generally see melena, hematemesis not. Melena was tarry, thick and shiny, Department of hemoglobin iron sulfide formed intestinal iron sulfide lead. Haematemesis much brown, a coffee residue, which is due to the blood by the acid effect and the formation of protoheme lead.
3, blood, Mu peripheral circulatory failure which is caused by stomach bleeding after circulating blood volume reduction, venous return the corresponding foot, cardiac output decreased significantly, clinical manifestations were dizziness, thirst, sweating, nausea, syncope. Patients can often cause to the toilet after defecation syncope down, special attention should be paid to.

Beijing Tian’an hospital expert tips: suffering from stomach must raise vigilance, not to the disease as “small problems” as the emerge of itself and perish of itself. Only a clear understanding of gastric bleeding symptoms, to achieve early detection and early treatment. More health information, please call