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Gastric bleeding

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According to the emergency center was informed that, often have stomach bleeding patients because of acute attack and sent to the hospital. In fact, if the patient know early what are the symptoms of stomach bleeding, this phenomenon can be avoided, so got gastrorrhagia have what symptom? Beijing Tian’an hospital expert introduction, gastric hemorrhage patients with haematemesis with nausea, blood in the stool in front of have a sense of meaning, then his eyes black, flustered, even syncope, pale complexion, thirsty, rapid pulse weakness, blood pressure decline.

Gastric bleeding

1, the nature of pain difference: Beijing province Tian hospital expert introduction, gastric bleeding in the stomach the nature of pain in patients with constant because of the etiology and pathogenesis of different, mainly in the pain, pain, pain is common.

2, accompanying symptoms: such as loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting, water brash with signs.

3, influence factors: patients often and emotions, improper diet, overwork, cold and other factors.
4, to identify symptoms: stomach bleeding patients with hematemesis and hematochezia as main symptoms.

5, repeated attack: patients often on gastric hemorrhage recurrence of gastric bleeding and voices of discontent., complain that happened.

6, attack features: onset or anxious or stomach bleeding, pain showed persistent, recurrent, without apparent tenderness, without bounce painful.
Beijing Tian’an hospital gastroenterology imported C14Hp tester can finish the detection. The past, mainly Hp detection through gastroscope takes gastric biopsy, and carbon fourteen breath test method for new inventions need not do gastroscope, does not need the gastric biopsies obtained, no pain, no trauma, patients only need to gently blowing, can diagnose whether there is Hp infection.

The above is what are the symptoms of stomach bleeding, hope that the friends of patients from each other and gastric hemorrhage. In fact, on gastric hemorrhage, proposal patient is best to the hospital to do the relevant checks fasting.