chicken divine

this is an awsome tasting dish its easy to prepare and youll love the compliments it brings unless you use miracle whip then your on your own!!!!!
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From: libraguy — May 29, 2010


chicken divine


2 cans cream of chicken, 1 cup helmans REAL mayo, 3 cups broccli tops, 1 table spoon curry powder , 1 whole chicken pre cooked , itilian bread crumbs, 2 cups of shredded cheader cheese

Preparation Instructions

remove skin from chicken (feed it to dogs or cats)  take all the meat off the (precooked chicken)  make a layer in the bottom of a 12 x 8 casorole dish add half the broccli then the rest of the chicken and then the rest of the broccli.  now mix the curry the cream of chicken and helmans and put it on top of the chicken and broccli . add a thin layer of itilian bread crumbs and then sprinkle on the cheese   ok heres the hard part cook it for 45 min.  at 350   it should bubble slightly on the edges   OK take it out let it cool then enjoy

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If I put the bed vomited a mess, after the fire to the Son will be how do you see me? I was drunk on the occasion, the depth of winter, he claimed outdoors rape a virgin chastity, did not know; few years later, again to spend the night in the woman's room, drunk sleeping, nausea blindly For spit. I did a secondary stem the bad guy. Bird series hit a dozen full alcohol yawn, the buzzing head ached, but still sat up and taken to the bed extremely difficult step, slowly walking to the bathroom direction. I do not know when, birds in addition to a pants, get it all stripped naked. He pulled the switch lax sliding door, although almost all the way breath on the air, but eventually safely shut himself into the bathroom. Bird unexpected joy in my heart, if they like cricket was serene vomiting, may be able to completely let the fire Son aware. Birds knelt down, his arms on the backrest of the Western-style toilet, hung his head, like a devout prayer stomach waiting for the same tensions to the flashpoint. Cold face strangely hot, slightly oozing sweat.


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