Atomic Blue Balls

By Starvin Marvins | 0 comments

A take on the infamous Atomic Buffalo Turds, these were inspired by a Cobb salad

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Whole Chicken Rubbed Right

By GrampaBillsBBQ | 0 comments

Whole bbq'd chicken

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JCLucca’s Spicy BBQ Sauce

By jclucca | 0 comments

Sweet and spicy bbq sauce

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JCLucca’s Killer BBQ Chicken Rub

By jclucca | 0 comments

Sweet and smoky rub for barbecued chicken. I prefer to use this on bone-in legs and thighs.

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By bigA | 0 comments

This is an easy but GREA way to cook up some of your best ribs!!

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Simple BBQ Sauce

By Tommy | 0 comments

A simple yet tasty sauce. I have a pig roasted at my house for a graduation pary with 120 people, the sauce was a huge hit

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Grilled Chicken Wings with Buffalo BBQ Sauce

By Marshall | 0 comments

A kicked up version of your favorite Buffalo Wings BBQ style.

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Inside the American Royal

By SmokeInDaEye | 0 comments

Follow as we take an inside look at the 30th annual American Royal Barbecue contest, held October 2009 in Kansas City, MO. For more on the world of competition BBQ, visit

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Christmas Prime Rib

By Marshall | 0 comments

Juicy and tender, this prime rib roast on the grill is sure to please.

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DinoRibs - The Rhino Way

By Jim Rhino | 0 comments

Straight out of a Flintstone's episode, these ribs are HUGE in size and taste.

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Creole Butter Turkey

By Marshall | 0 comments

Creole Butter Turkey On The Grill for

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Barbecued Sweet Potato Pie

By PatioDaddio | 0 comments

Yes, you read that right, it's a barbecued sweet potato pie. It's not barbecued because I cooked the whole pie in the smoker -- just the sweet potatoes for the filling.

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Barbecued Sweet Potatoes

By PatioDaddio | 0 comments

Here is a great simple side dish to accompany barbecue or just about any rustic meal. The smokey flavor helps to cut the natural sweetness a little while adding a unique dimension to the flavor.

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Simple Barbecued Turkey

By PatioDaddio | 0 comments

Turkey is most definitely not just for Thanksgiving! If you've never enjoyed a good smoked turkey, you don't know what you're missing.

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Classic BBQ Chicken Drumsticks

By PatioDaddio | 0 comments

To me this is one of the most quintessential of all-American summer finger foods -- second perhaps to corn-on-the-cob. Hey, it's yardbird-on-the-cob!

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A BBQ Nation: Kansas City

By SmokeInDaEye | 0 comments presents A BBQ Nation: Kansas City, a behind the scenes look at the American Royal BBQ contest. For more, be sure to check out Smoke In Da Eye at and our blog at

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Big Bold Barbecued Beef Short Ribs

By PatioDaddio | 0 comments

If, like me, you find that it's becoming increasingly difficult to find standard beef ribs (a.k.a. dino bones) that are worth cooking, try short ribs as a great alternative.

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Huck’s Hut TV: Jerk Beer-Can Chicken

By huckshuttv | 0 comments

Watch as Huck prepares the Jerk beer-can chicken. These are very easy steps to complete. For this recipe, you'll need to visit the post at to get the info for the wet marinade that you see here.

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BBQDAD Smokes Cheap Cheese

By BBQDAD | 0 comments

BBQDAD demonstrates that smoking cheese on a wood burning pit is real easy after your BBQ cook is over with, just wait for temps to fall out of site and use a few chips to get cold smoke:-)

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